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OpenText Output Management

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Check out this two minute video about getting critical business documents to the right destinations.

OpenText™ Output Management is a family of integrated software products that ensures reliable delivery of print jobs to output resources in both distributed and non-distributed environments, from printers and fax destinations to email and web destinations.

These products support the automated creation and delivery of business process documents and the delivery of end-user print jobs. With Output Management, users can centrally manage delivery processes and eliminate the limitations of point solutions that only address a single requirement or an individual user’s needs.

Output Management can save companies time and money by ensuring the smooth flow of information within and beyond the boundaries of the enterprise. Output Management products provide support for legacy investments and enable new, future technology.

Output Management overcomes traditional network output system limitations to ensure reliable information delivery, alleviating a variety of problems for users and offers:

  • Reliable report delivery from hundreds of simultaneous users or processes to hundreds of printers, fax, e-mail and more destinations around the world
  • Significant reduction in help desk calls and costs associates with moving large data and training
  • Improved on-time performance
  • Reduced distribution and shipping costs
  • Accurate tracking and monitoring of thousands of documents generated by ERP products
  • Significant reduction in network traffic originating from a company's central site

Read the Output Management product overview to learn more about the new release of Output Server.

Output Management combines enterprise information delivery software with expert integration, implementation, support and training services designed to help companies manage, share and distribute information. Users can simplify and streamline their print environment, accelerate business processes, save valuable IT capital and people resources and deliver business-critical information from virtually any source to any destination across the distributed enterprise.

Output Server Cloud Edition (CE) highlights

  • Cloud-enabled output management

  • Run on-premises or in preferred clouds, including OpenText Cloud, Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google

  • Enhanced secure access for badges, PIN and user/password for HP devices

  • New integrations with OpenText CloudFax, Content Server and OpenText InfoArchive

Read the Output Management product overview to learn more about the new cloud-optimized version of Output Server.

NEW OpenText Output Server Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

Output Server CE 20.2 is a modern containerized version of Output Server packed with new functionality, including secure access printing and card reader support, new reporting dashboards and UI and new integrations.

Companies using Output Server Cloud Edition can quickly deploy, update and maintain their software, getting access to new features quickly. Other benefits of moving to cloud technology include:

  • Rapid deployment, automatic upgrades
  • Dynamic scalability
  • Optimizes hardware utilization to reduce resource costs
  • High availability, including disaster recovery, worldwide rollout, self-healing, rollback

Output Management product overview

Summary of previous Output Server enhancements

  • Secure Access: Retrieve documents on-demand securely, such as in pull printing applications. This release includes support for OXPd-enabled HP printers.
  • IPv6 support: Supports Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) in the Output Server primary and delivery servers and CLI clients.
  • Enhancements to licensing: Includes new hardware fingerprint attribute in the license file distinguishes hosts and applies conditions if the fingerprint is invalid.
  • Scalability: Optimizes configurations to reduce system resource usage and dynamically manage output destinations.
  • OpenText™ RightFax integration: Leverages OpenText components for out-of-the-box fax functionality.
  • OpenText™ InfoArchive integration: Integrates archiving capabilities into Output Server.
  • OpenText™ Exstream integration: Offers improved delivery document composition capabilities.
  • OpenText™ Directory Services (OTDS) integration: Improves web delivery authentication.
  • Security: Includes end-to-end transport security for communications from client to OS (new) and from OS to printers, such as Enhanced connectivity with IPP/IPPS support for secure job sending and Fax over IP.
  • Updated user interface: Windows users and administrators can now work across remote network environments with an improved user interface. HTML/JS for current web UIs replaces dependency on Java Applets.

OpenText™ Output Server Web Delivery

  • Solr scalability improvement: Supports Solr 7.5.0 to improve indexing performance for internal batch indexing.
  • Authentication with OTDS: Allows syncing of users and groups from OTDS.
  • UI changes: New CSS styles have been added.
  • Modernized packaging for a better customer experience with a single package install for faster installation and better performance.

Output Server provides extremely reliable delivery of business-critical documents, streamlines business processes and offers realtime notification of device malfunctions or job interruptions. With centralized management for tracking and controlling, users can easily incorporate new output destinations. It also provides core delivery services so documents are delivered to output destinations in the proper format, including delivery, job, queue and destination management.

  • Get a single route to all your output destinations
  • Get a single-view of all jobs and queues in the enterprise

OpenText Output Server Access

The OpenText Output Server Secure Access (OTOSSA) extends document security by allowing users to submit the print request and initiate printing only after authenticating on the printer panel. This eliminates the risk of having the document on the printer, ensuring sensitive communications are only seen by the intended ones. It also helps companies achieve savings on print as jobs are only printed when a user is at the printer.

OpenText Output Server Desktop

OpenText Output Server Manager

  • Provides a single view of the enterprise output environment
  • Allows users to administer and manage Output Server through a Windows-based graphical user interface
  • Offers easy output environment modification, queue creation and definition and logical and physical output destinations. Output Server can operate on a variety of platforms, including HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SUSE Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows. Includes a gateway for integrating legacy systems with the distributed environment.

OpenText Output Server Delivery

  • Improves end-user productivity and efficiency by delivering business and customer documents to all destination channels, including printing, faxing and publishing to web and file servers. Leverages a Universal Print Driver (UPD) to centrally manage and track the entire office delivery environment at a reduced cost.
  • Uses one client driver for easy access to all output resources throughout the enterprise. Sends output to printers, fax machines, the web or other supported devices, tracking, controlling and enabling notification of job-related events.

OpenText Output Server Job Manager

Provides a convenient web-based interface that allows end-users to track jobs across multiple domains seamlessly and administrators to track and manage multiple jobs across multiple platforms and domains.

OpenText Output Server Event Monitor

Lets users route event notices generated by the Event Manager (EM) component of Output Server. Provides subscription-based notification of changes in the status of jobs, delivery servers and other delivery objects.

OpenText Output Server Explorer

Offers a unified view of the Output Server environment and allows users to administer and manage Output Server through a Windows-based GUI.

The following are the main components of Output Explorer:

  • Output Server Manager
  • Job Tracker
  • Event Monitor
  • Privilege Administrator
  • Directory Manager

OpenText™ Output Server Envoy

Allows Windows users to deliver to output devices throughout the enterprise. Includes a single client driver that enables delivery to any destination managed by Output Server. No other client-side modifications are required. The key component of Output Envoy is Delivery Agent, a GUI for initiating deliveries.

  • OpenText™ Output Server Distributor Provides intelligent, content-based delivery of reports throughout the enterprise
  • Extends the traditional report distribution function of bursting and bundling with personalized, device-independent delivery
  • Provides user-defined rules for report management

OpenText Output Server Web Delivery

Automates the process of publishing, distributing and managing reports and documents to the web, including customized content delivery from Output Server. Simplifies information exchange and eliminates costly paper-based communications.

OpenText™ Output Server Interface for SAP

  • Integrates the SAP HANA, and mySAP Business Suite with Output Server
  • Ensures business process continuity and uninterrupted work flow with reliable delivery of SAP documents to multiple destinations across the enterprise and to business partners

OpenText™ Output Server Interface for Oracle

  • Integrates the Oracle application/E-Business Suite with Output Server
  • Allows enterprise-wide tracking and management of all Oracle output, plus added print and destination functionality
  • Utilizes Professional Services for specific integration requirements

OpenText™ Output Server International Printing

  • Accepts Unicode-based documents from SAP and other enterprise applications
  • Intelligently delivers Unicode documents to Unicode compliant or non-Unicode print devices, plus faxes, web or email across the enterprise
  • Transforms Unicode documents to PostScript, PCL 5, TIFF, PDF or text and embeds required fonts in outgoing document to eliminate the need to deploy fonts on the print devices
  • Enables PCL document transformation to PostScript, PDF
  • Includes OpenText Output Transformation Engine
  • Offers additional document formats, such as AFP by licensing input & output filters from Output Transformation Engine

OpenText Output Management relieves common problems associated with delivering output in a distributed environment and allows organizations to greatly reduce the time spent administering and supporting information delivery.

Output Management offers:

Realtime notifications

Delivers realtime notification of device malfunctions, job interruptions, plus confirms delivery and automatically transforms jobs to the proper format.

Centralized auditing

Offers fast resolution of print job problems and lowers IT costs with a single-system view of all jobs and end-to-end tracking.

Printer fleet management

Incorporates new printer features into systems with limited administration. Offers advanced options with Output Server, such as stapling, punching, job hold and secure printing for faster end-user access.

Works with multiple applications at the same time

Offers customization interface for capture of documents from any application.

Unified infrastructure

Serves as the key enabling technology employed by all other Output Management products, incorporating a set of operating system-independent, hardware-independent and device-independent networking services to provide a unified infrastructure for delivery across the entire enterprise.

Centralized access and control

Provides centralized, automated management of output resources for the entire network environment and enables end users to quickly locate and use enterprise output resources.

Reliability and scalability

Offers a reliable output infrastructure for enterprises of all sizes, small or large. Scales to meet changes in the enterprise.

Critical business application integration

Integrates with core applications in FSI, Healthcare and other industries, such as Oracle Warehouse Management System, Baan, PeopleSoft, Siebel CRM and J.D. Edwards. Output Job Manager provides a convenient web-based interface that allows end users to track jobs across multiple domains seamlessly and administrators to track and manage multiple jobs across multiple platforms and domains.

Provides an infrastructure for distribution of documents and reports generated by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products from companies, such as SAP and Oracle. ERP packaged integrations include Output Server Interface for SAP.

Rules-based report distribution and simplified web delivery

Features add-on modules to facilitate rules-based distribution of reports and web-based content publishing and cataloging.

Enterprise-wide delivery capabilities with multi-vendor device support

Provides delivery across the entire enterprise, as well as business-to-business deliveries. For example, with a single delivery request, an application might deliver a document to:

  • A fax destination at a company sales office in Singapore
  • A printer in a company accounting office in Boston
  • A secure area of the company website
  • A printer in a vendor’s office in Houston

Open, heterogeneous environment

Output Management products can be used in environments with a mix of operating systems, output devices and applications.