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OpenText™ RightFax™ ConnectHybrid fax

Simplify OpenText™ RightFax™ with cloud fax services

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OpenText RightFax Connect overview

See how OpenText™ RightFax™ customers can reduce costs and simplify infrastructure

Onsite digital fax servers typically call for onsite fax telephony—phone lines, fax boards, etc. While some organizations appreciate having full control over all aspects of the faxing process, others are looking to save their IT department time and resources. Hybrid fax solutions offer the control of an onsite server deployment with the reduced hassle and high availability of cloud telephony. Frequently they are seen as an upgrade to an existing on-premises install, allowing organizations to continue to derive value from past investments.

With OpenText™ RightFax Connect hybrid fax deployments, the fax server software resides on-premises while fax transmissions are provided as a cloud service. RightFax Connect eliminates the connection to the onsite telephone network, simplifying the environment and relieving IT staff from the most complex and cumbersome aspects of deploying fax solutions.

OpenText RightFax connect features

  • Scalable fax capacity

    Eliminates capacity constraints and bottlenecks caused by fax channel limitations with the scalability of the cloud.

  • Number porting

    Ports existing numbers and tracks porting status easily with the OpenText Number Porting Automation tool. Organizations can keep fax numbers if they leave the service, including new ones.

  • Detailed auditability

    Tracks all stages of the fax’s lifecycle, including assigning a job ID to the fax transmission for full end-to-end visibility and traceability.

  • On-demand fax numbers

    Enables users to select new fax numbers from a pool of pre-provisioned numbers, available for immediate assignment and use.

  • Data center failover and disaster recovery

    Leverages the world’s largest network for high availability faxing with four geographically dispersed data centers and nine additional points-of-presence around the globe.

OpenText RightFax Connect benefits

  • Simplify faxing

    Replace telephony complexity, bottlenecks and failures with reliable, secure cloud fax delivery.

  • Gain control and flexibility

    Balance the control of on-premises servers with the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud with a hybrid deployment.

  • Reduce cost

    Eliminate the cost and hassle of managing and maintaining internal fax infrastructures, including fax machines, software fees and telecoms charges.

  • Improve scalability and availability of services

    Ensure fax delivery with no busy signal or capacity restraints and utilize automatic failover between OpenText data centers for maximum availability.


Reduce costs with hybrid faxing

See how to eliminate the hardware, software and maintenance costs of a fax telephony infrastructure.

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